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Saturday, March 15, 2014

59/365 Old Blue Eyes.

The Do I did today is in the middle of the street. This was created with Eye Colorizer.

58/365 Lego Car.

Document your commute was the Do of the day. This was taken with the Lego Photo app.

57/365 Cracker Country.

The Do today for me was something antique. This was taken with See This.

56/365 Crosses on Teal Wall.

The do I created today was accidental art. I used Filterstorm to process this image.

55/365 Swirls and Lines.

Take a picture up a chandelier was today's Do. This was created with gyroLens which straightens all lines in the photo.

54/365 Who's Looking at Who?

The do of the day is to shoot a portrait of someone from the back. This was created with Retouch, which allowed me to clone in extra spectacles.

53/365 Early Iris.

The do I did today was find a flower that is refusing to admit that it's not spring. This was created with SynthCam, which blurs out the background.

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